God’s creation of man in his image is a deep expression of his love for us. We should reciprocate by spending quiet moments with God and not become enslaved to the things of the world. My Moments with God is not only a collection of personal prayers that touch the challenges and hurts of life but a valuable treasury of God’s response to our sufferings.

It’s no secret that children yearn for acceptance from their peers. This was no different for twelve-year-old twins, Timmy and Lilly Wahl when they were whisked away from their calm, peaceful, and familiar surroundings to a new town, a new home, and a new school in Bridle Path. Yet they, unlike their peers, were faced with demanding challenges handed down to them by the class bully, Billy Ormsby.

How did the twins learn to break the chain of bullying, bring the class bully to his knees, and strengthen the bond of friendship among them? Journey with the twins in Unbridled to experience God’s mysterious works and ways. Lives will be changed and saved.

Does communicating with God about the deep hunger and thirst of the heart challenging? In His Presence, a vital personal devotional book, introduces four easy but essential elements of prayer– Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving and Supplication (A.C.T.S).

Things do not go well when we are disobedient. The donkey tells his tale about his adventurous journey with his master and their encounter with an angel who blocked their path. Donkey’s bravery saved his master’s life and prevented a curse on God’s people. The Donkey’s Tale is a fascinating story adapted from the Bible.

Willie’s curiosity leads him away from home. His adventure is not what he has intended it to be. He ends up being in the dark—lonely, cold, and hungry. Let’s see what happens when Willie encounters a little bird and learns life-saving lessons.

No one was around except the thirsty animal. She had no friends. So she was surprised by the stranger who came up and asked for water. See what happened when she learned about the stranger. She dropped her chipped water jar and ran to call others.

How I Met That Special Man is an honest and powerful collection of stories authored by courageous men and women, some of whom after years of running away from God looked in the “rear view mirror of life” to find Him in “hot” pursuit. Follow these amazing stories and experience God’s imperceptible presence in the life of His people. The unfathomable love, mercy and grace of Jesus Christ are captured in each story.

Where’er the Wind Blows – A Collection of Poems weds a cast of colorful themes and displays their beauty in a poetic form. The collection bursts forth with love; opens the doors of nature’s beauty and fury; exposes the fickleness of time; unveils the uniqueness of places; and reveals the ever-changing and unpredictable nature of life.

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